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EPS Oil Pen Family

Hog Pen


The Oil Pen Sr. and Jr. are designed to contain (absorb) oil and fuel leaks while at the same time allowing uncontaminated rain water to flow freely through the composite sled reducing the possibility of an EPA incident!


  • Patented oil or fuel containment system designed for use in harsh field conditions
  • Patented durable UV stable composite sled for easy placement under all types of equipment
  • Patented replaceable inner blanket with carabiner attachments for quick changeout
  • Stake-in-place design requires no ballast

Product Matrix

Part Number Description Size
SPEN-4545 Oil Pen, Sr. System 45" x 45"
SPEN-2222 Oil Pen, Jr. System 22"x 22"
SPEN-B44 Oil Pen, Sr. Absorbent Blanket 40" x 40"
SPEN-B22 Oil Pen, Jr. Absorbent Blanket 20" x 20"
SPEN-CLIP1 Oil Pen Blanket Clips 2.25"

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