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EPS Emergency Containment Kit CK-0010

Hog Pen

The EPS Emergency Containment Kit is a combination of 3 of our products that comes in a reseal-able bag.

  • EPS Clean up litter
  • EPS Oil Pen Jr.
  • EPS Oil Sock

Use the EPS Emergency Containment Kit. Put the brakes on runaway leaks and contamination. It is a compact design that fits easily behind your seat while out on job sites. It is comprised of "Renewable and Sustainable" materials that are designed to rapidly absorb oils and fuels or most other hydrocarbon materials from leaking machinery or accidental spills while protecting the environment. The EPS products separate Hydrocarbons from Water when both liquids are present in the spill. EPS products absorb approximately 5 to 8 times more liquid than the polypropylene based products while at the same time "Fully Encapsulating" the Hydrocarbon making it safe for disposal in Non-Hazardous/Controlled landfill locations saving you Thousands of Dollars $$ in disposal costs!

Product Matrix

Part # Description Size Each
CK-0010 Full Size Kit 24"x24"x4"

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