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EPS Clean-Up Litter Family

Hog Pen


"EPS Clean-up Litter" is loose absorbent material that can be spread to rapidly absorb oils and fuels or most other hydrocarbon material from leaking machinery or accidental spills. EPS Clean-Up Litter is especially effective at absorbing and encapsulating hydrocarbons where both water and hydrocarbons are present!

"STOP" spending your money $$ on kitty litter that requires controlled disposal. EPS products encapsulate allowing for disposal in Nonhazardous/ Controlled landfills!

One (1) pound (450kg) of Clean-Up Litter will absorb approximately one (1) U.S. Gallon (3.8L) of medium grade motor oil. Absorbent rates may vary depending on type of liquid being absorbed and on ambient temperature!

Product Matrix

Part Number Description Size Each Absorption
SL-0005 Loose Bagged .75 CU. FT. Approx. 5 gal
SL-0010 Loose Bagged 1.5 CU. FT. Approx. 10 gal
SL-0018 Compressed Bag 3.0 CU. FT. Approx. 20 gal

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