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EPS 4 Drum Spill Prevention Pallet SD-1112

Hog Pen


Store drums and other leak- or spill-prone containers on this Pallet to help you comply with regulations.

Low Profile and Heavy Load Capacity: 4-Drum Pallet has a low profile and can hold up to 3,000 lb.

Meets Containment Requirements: Provides a 66-gallon sump to protect and help keep you in compliance — in the event of a small leak or complete drum failure.

Strong, Durable and Long Lasting: Allpolyethylene construction makes this Pallet light-weight and resistant to chemicals. Won't rust or corrode. Black color disguises dirt and wear and tear -- keeps the Pallet looking good.

Removable Grate Makes It Easy to Get to the Sump: Equipped with a polyethylene grate that can be easily removed for quick access to sump area.

Product Matrix

Dimensions - 53" L x 53" W x 11.75" H
Sold as - 1 per package
Color - Black
Composition - Polyethylene
Recycled Content - 90% Post-Industrial Recycled Polyethylene Grates
Load Capacity UDL - 3000 lbs. per package
Sump Capacity - 66 gal. per package
# per Pallet - 7
Incinerable - No

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